Dealership Design

Corbin Design Group provides strategic design services for the automotive and heavy machinery industries, as well as retail and exhibit displays. Our comprehensive suite of services include customer experience mapping, conceptual architectural design, facility planning, graphic signage, fixture design and every other tool necessary to create the showroom of tomorrow.

Over the past 20 years, we have mastered the art of transforming design ideas into reality, for single dealerships or national programs. Our goal is to provide excitement, branding and information at the place where it matters most, the showroom.

CDG offers comprehensive services to add substance to your brand and customer experience. Whether the scope is a minor remodel or a complete ground-up facility design, our trained designers, architects, graphic artists and visual merchandisers bring the specialty skills required to ensure your project achieves it’s strategic goals.

Site Survey

Documentation of all existing conditions effecting building and site appearance and operational aspects pertaining to the brand standards. This survey information may be used immediately or at a later time to expedite the design process. This not only serves to provide a working document of the existing facility layout, but also to help guide the design team, along with facility manager and Manufacturer account manager in developing a long-term strategy for the dealership and it’s operational effectiveness.

Brand Compliance
We create custom architectural finish pallets of program signage, environmental communications and decor recommendations consisting of paint, trim and flooring to deliver brand consistency. The overall program is customized based on key local industries, product market and proprietary dealer brand considerations. Exterior sign size and placement location is recommended. In addition, site wayfinding signage is mapped and sourced when needed.

The design team recommends minor or major exterior and interior enhancements to maximize brand recognition, architectural enhancements and operational efficiencies. In a minor remodel, proposed enhancements stay within the existing footprint of the building structure but may include the recommendation of wall locations, overhangs and other superficial treatments. In major renovations, the design team may recommend significant alterations to the existing building structure and footprint to accommodate facility expansion and functional optimization. Cost estimates are provided as needed.

New Facility Planning

In cases of new locations or outdated facilities where a major renovation is not adequate, CDG offers design and architectural services to help plan a new facility. Working in conjunction with your builder and local architect, we ensure your new facility matches up to industry competitiveness, current product requirements, customer experience research and overall brand compliance.

CDG has crafted a design process that works for all dealer markets, formats and sizes.  We have experienced dealership designers and architects located across the United States. As each project is unique, we ensure the dealer has comfort in knowing we understand their difference and what makes their business model successful. We also provide guidance and training on manufacturer programs to dealer staff.

Initial Design Visit
Our designer/architects schedule and visit the dealership to establish discuss goals and establish a design direction. The initial design visit begins with a kickoff meeting which may include regional personnel representing the manufacturer brand. Items discussed:
•  collect & review all existing plans
•  outline objectives, timing, budget, and municipal requirements
•  conduct site survey & photo audit of affected areas
•  when needed, plans of the existing site, floor plan, and elevations are drafted
•  site specific finishes and/or leasehold recommendations are developed
•  design plan is created showing improvements to exiting layout.
After 1-2 weeks the initial design plans are submitted for dealer approval.

Preparation of Design Binder 
Upon approved of initial design plans, the Design Team prepares the following:
•  development of design plan based on dealer feedback
•  environmental photography, brand signage and graphic communications
•  assemble recommended material finishes
•  create all CAD design plans, elevations and required fixture/millwork drawings
  development of visual 3D illustrations of proposed designs
  cost estimate as needed
The project Design Binder is assembled and presented back to the Dealer and key Stakeholders.

Follow-up Field Visit
The designer/architect returns to the dealership for the review and finalization of all the design items and program details. Participants include internal management, brand representatives, local architect and potential contractor(s). Items such as signage, millwork and display fixtures may still require ongoing refinement.
CDG continues to be available for questions throughout the duration of the project.